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Fenix,roots from phoenix[fi:niks], Chinese translation is "phoenix, perfect thing". And phoenix stands for lucky, blessedness and perfection in traditional Chinese culture.

Fenix sticks to its belief " Fenix flashlight, sunshine in your pocket", and it has become the famous LED illuminating gear brand all over the world. It's one of the international competitive Chinese flashlight brands. Fenix’s slogan is ”Fenix flashlight illuminate Your Adventure

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Located in Toronto, Canada Hot line: 647 989 6009
Located in Toronto, Canada Hot line : 647 989 6009
Fenix accessories

Fenix Accessories

White Diffuser Tip
Red Filter
Traffic Wand
Diffuser Lens

> Fenix Filter Adapter - This is an accessory for Fenix flashlights which own outstanding    filtration ability to maintain strong red light, and it could be used as night-vision    protection,signal lamp or weft when necessary.

> Diffuser Lens - Fenix Diffuser Lens is specially designed for Fenix headlamps and    flashlights to diffuse the light beam. Easily fitted, it can be used for reading or as a    camping light.

> Diffuser Tip - This is an accessory for Fenix flashlights which converts the focused high-    output beam of Fenix flashlight to a softer diffused wide-angle light. It not only can be    used for reading in the darkness, but also can be used as camping light or signal lamp.

> Traffic wand - Fenix traffic wand can convert your flashlight into a glowing orange high-    visibility wand. It's the best option for emergency situations and traffic control.

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