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Fenix TK35 is a convenient extremely high intensity multi-functional flashlight. Featuring in max 820 lumen output, offering four brightness levels, two different flashing functions and a signaling mode, powered by the frost-resistant CR123A lithium batteries or high capacity 18650 rechargeable Li-ion batteries, it definitely can satisfy various lighting needs in different environments.

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The unique design of the batteries holder not only can compact the light but also make it comfortable to hold and convenient to use. With its dual button switch, you can transfer the brightness levels rapidly. It perfectly combines the outstanding performance and the great enjoyment of using it.  TK35 must be the best choice for outdoor searching, caving, or using a spare light for automobiles with Fenix advance technologies.

Fenix TK35 - High Intensity Multi -Functional LED flashlight with XM-L Cree LED

Maximum 820 Lumens


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Cree XM-L (T6) LED with a lifespan of 50,000    hours
• Uses four 3V CR123A batteries (Lithium) or    two 18650 rechargeable batteries (Li-ion)
• 164 mm (Length) x 43.64 mm (Diameter) x    51.5mm (Head)
• 256-gram weight (excluding batteries)
• Digitally regulated output - maintains constant    brightness
• Reverse polarity protection, to protect from    improper battery installation
• Dual button switch in the tail cap, convenient    operation
• Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum
• Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive    finish
• Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-    reflective coating

Review of the Fenix TK35

How bright is the Fenix TK35 ?

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Fenix TK35 XML Cree LED Flashlight



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The above-mentioned parameters (tested in lab using quality CR123A primary lithium batteries) are approximate and may vary between flashlights, batteries, and environments.

*TK35 will automatically change the turbo brightness level to the high brightness level after a 25-minute working time with the security setting. So the runtime of the turbo brightness level is the accumulated time.

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   Uses: 2 x 18650 or 4 x cr123a batteries

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How hard is the LED driven in order to obtain 820 ANSI lumens?

* Yes, it can reach 820 Lumens,

1. The efficiency of reflector is 90% now to instead of the original 87% wiHolding a Fenix tK35 in one handth 3% increasing, it means the new     reflector can reflect 90% of the energy produced by LED

2. With its high efficiency Lens

Heat build-up: is this an issue when running on turbo @ 820 lumens?

* Fenix design the circuit to automatically solve the problem of over heat - the light will automatically adjust its    mode to a lower output after running Turbo mode for 30 minutes.

   The Maximum temperature for battery to bare is 80 degree C.

Why if this light is 820 lumens is the beam intensity 27739cd so much lower than the TK50 with only 255 lumens 3126cd?

* The light intensity has no direct relation with Lumens. It is depends on the size of reflector, the bigger the reflector is, the higher of the light


 Light intensity(Cadelas) = Lumens/Solid Angle

What is material is the flashlight made of ?

The whole body is made of Aluminum, and the tail with a very small slide

in the very back is made of plastic for waterproofing.

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Fenix TK35 in a holster
Fenix TK35 packaging

Fenix TK35 XML Cree LED Flashlight & Xtar WP2S charger with 2 x Fenix ARB-2LS lithium batteries


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Xtar WP2s Multi - Functional Li-ion Charger. Xtar VP1 Real time Precision Didplay Li-ion Battery Charger Fenix TK35 packaging —------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Fenix TK35 XML Cree LED Flashlight &  Xtar VP2 charger with 2 x Fenix ARB-L2S lithium batteries ( 3400 mAh )




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Fenix ARB-L2S Fenix ARB-L2S Fenix ARB-L2S Fenix ARB-L2S