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J2ANJ300A  -   Aurora 1.5W Nichia Jupiter LED Flashlight! (ALJ-311L)    Toronto, Ontario, Canadacanadian flag
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 Aurora led flashlights.
 Presenting the Aurora 1.5 Watt 'Nichia Jupiter' high quality LED Flashlight!
 Aurora led flashlights.Nichia's Newest LED technology dubbed the "Nichia Jupiter". Move over Luxeon, there's a new kid on the block!
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 First impressions of the Aurora 1.5W Nichia Jupiter LED flashlight, BEAUTIFUL!

Aesthetically, you can tell this is one high quality LED flashlight. The design is rugged with a taste of modern appeal. Fits nice and comfortably in one's hand, where the body has a nice rugged finish for grip. Includes a black lanyard strap to securely hold the flashlight wrapped in your hand. Powering the Aurora 1.5W Nichia Jupiter is a 1 x lithium Duracell CR123A battery (included).
J2ledflashlights presents the Aurora 1.5W Nichia Jupiter Aurora 1.5W Nichia Jupiter
Aurora Nichia Jupiter and Nuwai Q3 Aurora Nichia Jupiter with Duracell CR123A battery included Nichia Jupiter LED flashlight
Aurora 1.5W Nichia Jupiter LED flashlight with Nuwai Q3 flashlight Aurora Nichia Jupiter - front of lens
Aurora 1.5 Watt Nichia Jupiter

Bulb Type - 1.5 Watt LED from Nichia
Output Power - 42 lumens
Operation - ON > OFF
Battery Type - 1x Duracell 3V 123A Lithium Size Battery (included)
Burn Time - 4 hrs (Maximum Output 3hrs)
Accessories - Nylon Pouch & Carrying Strap
Product Size - 30 x 30 x 110mm
Product Weight - 99g (with battery)
DC-DC regulated proprietary circuitry enabling max. light output
Nichia Jupiter led flashlight Aurora NIchia Jupiter diag picture
Beam output comparison - Aurora 1.5W Nichia Jupiter and Nuwai 3W Luxeon LED Flashlights
Aurora Jupiter table beam shot Nuwai Q3 table beam shot Aurora Nichia Jupiter wall beam shot Nuwai Q3 wall beam shot
Aurora 1.5W and Nuwai Q3 Beam Comparisons
Aurora Nichia Jupiter Open hand Aurora Nichia Jupiter closed hand Nuwai Q3 open hand Nuwai Q3 closed hand
Nichia Jupiter led flashlight Comparison shot of Aurora and Nuwai
Nichia Jupiter candle mode shot Aurora Jupiter sitting on table
* Please note the Nuwai Q3 in Titanium Silver is not included in this offer. It is merely used for comparison.
The Aurora Nichia Jupiter incorporates proprietary regulated DC-DC circuitry enabling maximum light output throughout the entire battery life. What makes this high quality LED flashlight so special is the curved magnifying lens placed in front of the Nichia Jupiter LED. The end result? Producing a more focused beam for precise illumination. As compared to the Nuwai Q3, the Aurora Nichia Jupiter outputs a very sharp circular beam that is very distinct. The beam is definitely something to see which is very unique and cool to show off! Inaddtion to the popular Nuwai Q3, the Aurora Nichia Jupiter has become one of my favorites!

The Aurora 1.5W "Nichia Jupiter" represents the latest in LED technology from Nichia. "With manufacturer claims of output power of 42 lumens 20 times brighter than its standard LED cousin", the Nichia Jupiter LED's are similiar to the Luxeon line of LED's, but contain higher luminous outputs for the energy used.

Get the latest in LED technology from Nichia, one of the world's largest LED manufacturers.

 ** Read the independant reviews here: FLASHLIGHTREVIEWS.COM &  LED MUSEMUM - Rated 4/5

**Read the latest independant review here: THE-GADGETEER.COM

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